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You Are a Hero

You are a Hero

You may not feel brave or noble when you make the call. You may be scared, ashamed, confused… “How can I place a baby for adoption?

You may be asking for a “friend”. You may not have told anyone else in your life that the weight of the world is on your shoulders and you don’t know what to do.

You, yes YOU, are my hero. You may not feel like a hero but in the eyes of so many you are.  You have chosen life, when many do not. You walk on this path of uncertainty. Everyone in your life is telling you something different. “Here’s what you really should do…” “Well I would do this…” But you are strong.

Thank you for calling us,  thank you for loving this child, thank you for sacrificing something that many people could not. You give the greatest gift to a family that no one but you ever could.

You are a hero.

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