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December 26, 2017
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May 29, 2018

Through Her Eyes

A Birth Mother’s Story

“You can’t be a victim of your past, you have to be a survivor.”

I had a rough childhood but that never stopped me from always looking for ways to help other people. It was just over 13 years ago that I found myself pregnant and living at Covenant House after my boyfriend at the time left me without any resources. I knew I wanted to choose adoption for my daughter and Shepherd Care was recommended to me.

From there on out, the people at Shepherd Care looked out for me and took great care of me throughout the rest of my pregnancy. Shepherd Care was there for me even when most of my family wasn’t.

I got to look through profiles of adoptive parents from Shepherd Care and I picked Katy and Wayne because I could tell what an inspirational couple they were. Katy was born with a handicap but she never saw it as a disability—she even started support groups for people who needed help to live full lives with a handicap. I saw Katy and Wayne and thought, ‘This is the couple I want to raise my child.’

Once I met them I knew they were the perfect fit, they came to ultrasounds and even let me pick out baby furniture with them. Katy was even my birth coach and was right there with me!

Today, that little baby girl is 13 years old and I couldn’t have asked for a better family for her—a family I would have never found without Shepherd Care. She is bright and artistic and I receive beautiful letters from her several times each year. This journey of adoption has made her a more well-rounded young woman as she continues to grow up understanding where she came from.

For women out there considering adoption, look at this opportunity through your heart. Make sure you are putting yourself aside completely and think only of that child’s best interest.

There are stereotypes about adoption but those need to be broken—I have seen them broken in my own life!

If you or someone you know is considering adoption contact Adoption by Shepherd Care for the support, resources, and friendship you need during this season.

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