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August 11, 2015
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October 7, 2015

The Journey

A birthmother wrote this sweet poem for one of our counselors and the adoptive family; she is incredibly honest and vulnerable! She speaks affectionately about the adoptive parents and the counselor she worked with calling them “angels”. What an amazing relationship all four of them shared in this process!

I’ve been on a journey.

In the beginning I didn’t know,

My life was going to change forever,

I was going to be a better person than before.

Challenge after challenge,

Test after test, 

Daily hurt and misunderstanding,

Searching for my heart, mind, and soul to rest.

I knew early in my rebuilding,

The decision I would make,

The importance to accept

The things I cannot change.

God sent me an Angel,

A little girl, an amazing blessing,

Followed by three more,

Two she would soon be facing.

There was one very special person in the middle,

Bringing us all together,

An Angel changing lives,

We are all joined forever.

Thank you Lord, we praise your name on high.

I am so blessed and thankful for you all!

Forever your friend

We love that this process is truly life changing for the birthmothers, adoptive parents, counselors, and most importantly the kids. Do you have any artwork or poems you’ve created in reflecting on this process?

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