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June 29, 2017
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July 31, 2017

The Journey HOME

The journey to becoming a forever family can be filled with obstacles and unexpected heartache—but the reward is worth any journey; because in the end, a child is woven into your heart and home forever.

Bryn and Kate met in medical school and married 4 years later while they were still in residency. They hoped to start a family immediately but struggled to become pregnant and knew adoption was their number one choice.

When they returned home to B.C. they began the adoption process with Shepherd Care with the hopes of adopting a newborn. Within the first few months, two separate birth mothers changed their minds after beginning the process of giving their babies to Bryn and Kate.

After that heartbreak Kate recalled, “We actually took a break. We took ourselves off the active list and took some time to recover.” Soon after, their social worker, Heidi, found a new birth mom that appeared to be a great match for Bryn and Kate.

Because of their history with the previous two birth moms, Bryn and Kate had decided that they couldn’t go through the process of meeting another pregnant birth mom and instead wanted a baby who had already been born. The new mom Heidi found for Bryn and Kate was still pregnant but they could tell right off the bat there was something special about her.

“We met with the birth mom on FaceTime and after that we wrote letters back and forth. I will never forget the day that we were on FaceTime with her after she had given birth to our daughter and she told us that she signed the papers. She got to see our raw reactions to this news and how much of a gift it was to us. It was really beautiful moment. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life.

Bryn and Kate had shared with the birth mom a few different babies names they liked and allowed her to choose the baby’s first and middle name. Zoe is a sweet baby today, and a part of Bryn and Kate’s lives forever as their daughter.

A journey no one had planned turned out to be an incredible blessing to Bryn and Kate, the birth mom, and especially baby Zoe.

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