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August 7, 2017
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The Love of Two Families

Alisa’s heart has always been for adoption and when she and her husband Andrew married, he too took on the dream of adopting one day. Four biological children later and Alisa and Andrew were ready to begin the process and build their forever family.

“We wanted to give a child a life they would never be able to have and we love kids, the more the merrier,” said Andrew. In April, Alisa and Andrew matched with a birth mom and immediately began a special relationship with her. Their goal as a family is to stay connected with baby Sophia’s birth mom and keep that connection with her thriving. “We absolutely want to stay in contact with this birth mother. She is a lovely lady and she just couldn’t take care of another baby. It’s a difficult situation in one way, but also a beautiful relationship,” Andrew shared.

Andrew and Alisa got the call on a Thursday that the birth mom was at the hospital and they were in Florida to meet baby Sophia the very next day. “It’s an emotional time. When you first hold your baby, it’s special. It doesn’t change. It’s a different feeling then when you are going to the hospital for your biological child. But once you hold the baby, it’s the very same feeling of love,” said Andrew.

Andrew continued with great advice for all parents considering adoption to grow their family, “If the birth mother changes her mind at the last minute then it was meant to be that way. If you accept that from the start you will be in a better position, of course it can be heartbreaking but if that’s the decision then that is where that baby is supposed to be.” Andrew and Alisa’s compassionate heart for Sophia’s birth mom brought deeper meaning to the adoption process.

“Baby Sophia has two moms. She still has a biological mom who she will always know about. I don’t see that as a negative, I see that as a positive,” said Andrew.

Andrew and Alisa’s beautiful hearts and inspiring perspective on their adoption is an amazing example to everyone around them, including their four boys who have been thrilled to have a little sister in the family. Sophia will grow to know the love of two families and the wonderful picture of adoption.

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