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I am Adopted

I love when people give me that shocked look and say “Oh my gosh, you were adopted” My response is: Yes, I am??, with a confused look, (is it supposed to be a problem??) . It is not a disability, or a disease it’s a choice.  Of course, I can only speak about my experience and my life, I can assure you that I never felt different than any of my peers, colleagues and/or friends because I was adopted.

I have parents that love me.

I have family that supports me.

I was placed in a home of two loving parents that wanted to raise a child, who wanted to love a child,         who wanted someone to call their own as they could not conceive on their own.

Some people will ask, “Don’t you wish you lived with your ‘real’ mom?”  My response is: I do live with my mom, my mom and dad.  My biological mom gave me life and chose this for me.   

I don’t know any different, I know she wanted for me to have more and be given opportunities she knew she could not give, I only know my life.  I always knew I was adopted, I always knew I was wanted, planned and chosen.  At age, appropriate discussions, with my family I was able to feel safe that I could ask questions and trusted that my family was MY family.  I’m blessed that I am adopted and forever grateful to everyone involved in my life and that I have had the life I have had thus far.

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