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November 9, 2015
Journey of a Birthmother
November 17, 2015

Heidi’s Adoption Story

Heidi is a part of the Adoption by Shepherd Care team, and she has graciously shared her story of adoption both personally and professionally.  Thank you, Heidi for your beautiful perspective!

I was honored when asked to write about my own adoption story and how it plays into my daily work.  Here is my chance to share!

Kathy is the most loving, unselfish, giving person I know and have had the opportunity to meet.  She placed me for adoption at birth knowing that she did not have the resources she would need to provide a stable home for a child to thrive and develop to his or her full potential.

Being adopted myself, I have always felt that at some point in my life I might be able to help others on a deeper level because of my experience—either with women struggling with an unplanned pregnancy or a couple desiring to become parents.

Funny how life works itself out!

Here I am now, working as a birthmother counselor.  I have the pleasure of working side by side with pregnant women to support them as they make life-long decisions.  I feel like I can be living proof to the birthmother that her decision to create an adoption plan might be the best option for herself and her unborn child.

On the other side of an adoption comes the adoptive family.  Working with adoptive families is such a blessing for me, as I get to re-live the joy my parents had when they received notice I was going home with them.  Obviously at three days old, I was too young to understand or see the overwhelming joy they had–now that they were going to be parents.  To me they were always just my parents, no questions asked if they loved me.  I knew and know they did and do.

Now when I communicate with adoptive families in my role as a birthmother counselor, I can appreciate the time and education they put into their decision of adopting a child.  Seeing the tears, smiles and the memories being made is amazing. Thank you for this humbling opportunity!

An extra perk to working in adoption is that when someone is struggling and says, “You just don’t understand”….I can honestly tell them that I do understand much of what they are going through because of my experience being on the other side of it and being able to build a relationship with my birthmother years later.  I have been able to see how it can all turn out, and I am so glad, happy and appreciative that I was given so many opportunities in life through the difficult decision my birthmother made.

Thank you birthmothers for creating life. Thank you adoptive families for opening your hearts and providing a loving stable, supportive environment for children to grow up in.  

Love to Kathy and my parents always,
your daughter Heidi

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