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Give Old Stuff or Get New Stuff…All to Help Orphans Find a Family

If you want to skip to the end, we’re having a Garage Sale on May 16th to benefit ASC’s Colombia Hosting Program.  Check out the flyer below, and donate items or come and shop if you want to help!

If you don’t want to skip to the end, here’s some background on why we’re having a Garage Sale…

In case you’re not familiar with it, ASC’s Colombia Hosting Program is designed to bring older orphans (who have little chance of being adopted) to the United States to have a great life experience and hopefully to cross paths with a family interested in adopting them.  These programs have had great success, and ASC is actively recruiting families to host children from August 17 to September 1, 2015.

Understandably, it takes money to run a program like this.  It currently costs about $2,500 to bring one child to the U.S. and to complete all the necessary background checks and training requirements for the host family.  In an effort to lower this cost for host famlilies, an amazing nonprofit organization called Healing Hands of Hope Colombia is partnering with us by raising funds to offset a (hopefully significant!) portion of this fee.  Their goal is to raise enough funds to lower the hosting fee by $1,000 per child, which would be an amazing blessing to families who are interested in hosting.

Healing Hands of Hope Colombia is passionate about serving at-risk children in Colombia, so a program like this that could result in older children being adopted is of great interest to them.  They are working hard to offset the cost to the host families, and we are so grateful for their efforts and for their devotion to serving children in Colombia.

Interested in helping?

We need donations of items to be sold at the garage sale, or come and shop!

If you are interested in helping but do not live in the South Florida area, monetary donations are also greatly appreciated.

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