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A Forever Family Story
June 29, 2017
The Journey HOME
June 29, 2017

A Forever Family Is In Your Reach

Have you considered adoption but believe finances are keeping you from opening your home to a child? Navigating the adoption process, and the financial implications, can feel daunting and it keeps countless amazing families from becoming forever families.

But it doesn’t have to! Adoption by Shepherd Care is here to equip you with tested resources to guide you through this journey, including financial coaching. In partnership with the Adoption Finance Coaching System you can receive guidance and counsel to reach your adoption goals with the support you need.

The Adoption Finance Coaching System was created by an adoptive mom who, upon returning from China with her adopted daughter, began using her professional background and expertise in fundraising to guide families through the daunting financial process of adoption. Through grants and special opportunities the Adoption Finance Coaching team has become experts at securing the funds families need in order to have successful adoptions.

Don’t let financial complications keep you from adopting the child who needs you. For over 30 years Adoption by Shepherd Care has been creating forever families for children locally and across the world. Contact our team for more information about these services and others!

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