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July 31, 2017
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August 7, 2017

Family Corner: 
A Doll for Everyone

Adoptive parents are often up against unique challenges that some biological parents never experience. One of those moments can come in the toy store among shelf, after shelf, of dolls that all look the same—and nothing like your child. Instead of letting our little ones feel defeated, we encourage parents to look for dolls, or other toys, that promote inclusion and positive self-image.

And today, many of these toys can be easier to find than ever before. As of last year, Barbie’s have been produced in 7 different skin tones and multiple body types. Lego is even getting in on the action with a new mini-figure in a wheelchair.

For children who may not look like their adoptive mom or dad, seeing other outlets that acknowledge and include them encourage good self-esteem. And if you have biological children in your home as well, studies are showing that introducing diversity in toys makes children across the board more empathetic and someday more compassionate leaders.

Do you have a favorite brand that offers diverse dolls and toys? Comment below and share your experience finding the right fit for your adopted child!

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