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April 15, 2016
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May 4, 2016


Choices, choices, choices. We are surrounded by choices. We have simple choices in life: what to make for breakfast; which TV show to watch. Then we have more important choices: what business deal to make, where your child should go to school. But what about the really big choices, the life altering, most significant choices.

Adoption by Shepherd Care knows there are many adoption agencies near you. How do you choose between them all when this is such a life altering choice. In this post we hope to help you decipher how to choose what agency to work alongside.

Here are the top 10 important questions to ask when deciding:

  1. How many children find families through this agency a year?
  2. Does the agency work domestically, internationally, or both?
  3. What kind of training does the agency offer to parents who wish to adopt?
  4. Is this agency accredited by Council on Accreditation?
  5. If adopting international, is the agency Hague approved?
  6. Is the agency able to list and explain costs transparently?
  7. Are they able to guide a family toward financial assistance and adoption subsidies?
  8. What post adoption assistance or resources does the agency provide to adoptive families?
  9. Will the agency provide references from families who have previous adopted through them?
  10. Does the agency offer transparency of documentation, process, and costs?

Please know that Adoption by Shepherd Care understands the difficulty of the choices you face. We hope to be an informative resource during this process and make the choice easier.

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