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Our Adoption Story (Part 5 of 7)

Charissa shares what it was like when they got the news of their second match! What an incredibly joyful yet scary moment!

THE match: a whirlwind

Hours before I received THE call in the afternoon of October 22, 2015, I had decided and come to peace with the fact that I would not be a mother before Christmas.  The waiting was too hard and I felt that I just needed to accept that 2015 was going to be a write off.  A few hours later we got the call.

Another baby boy, due to be born November 29.  Justin and I read the proposal and accepted it.  The excitement was still there, but we definitely had our guard up a bit more than the last time.  We tried to stay positive even though in the back of our mind we were always thinking, “what if she changes her mind?”

Fast-forward a week.  We find out that our son is not going to be born on November 29, but on November 6!  They were going to induce our birth mom in a week!  A WEEK!  We originally weren’t planning to be present for the birth given how our last match fell through, but after talking on the phone with our birth mom the Tuesday before her induction (to be done on Friday), she expressed how much she wanted us there to witness the birth of our son.  She kept referring to him as “your son”, and that’s when I knew he would be ours.

As luck would have it, Justin was working out of town that week, so I was on my own to book flights, hotels, car rentals and pack everything before we had to be in Florida by Friday.  It was overwhelming, but we managed with the help of some amazing friends and family.  I arrived in Florida on Thursday afternoon and Justin arrived Friday morning.  This would be the day we would meet our son.

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