Our Adoption Story (Part 2 of 7)
June 2, 2016
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June 24, 2016

Our Adoption Story (Part 3 of 7)

Part 3: A match


We received a match on June 3, 2015 for a precious baby boy that was due to be born on July 22, 2015.  That day was a day of total adrenaline.  I was laying in bed when I got the call.  I answered the phone and heard “we have a match for you” and I literally screamed, “are you kidding?” into the phone.  From there I called my husband who immediately raced home from work so we could read over our proposal together.  We eagerly accepted the match and called the people close to us to let them know we would be parents soon enough!


From there a different kind of waiting started.  We had to wait another 48 (or so) days until we got to meet this baby.  How could we wait that long?  We started to do our usual nesting by cleaning the entire house and did a couple last minute fundraisers to help again with the cost.  Then July 22 came and went, no baby.  July 29 came and still no baby.  We were originally planning on going to a family reunion leaving on July 21, so we decided a week late, that we were going to head there.  We told the agency to give us immediate updates and we would be ready to leave when we had to.  It was just too hard to sit at home and wait to hear news of the baby.


At this point we were waiting for our birth mom to be induced, as it seemed that baby didn’t want to come out on his own.  August 4 we got the call that the agency was pulling our match.  Our birth mom had changed her mind.


Immediately our joy turned to sadness.  Our hearts were broken.  And “now what?” continually resounded throughout our minds.  And just like that we were thrown back into waiting, something we thought we were finally done with.  But thankfully our story doesn’t end there!

Working in adoption, this scenario is what I hear with every family is their greatest fear. Charissa speaks honestly about their excitement and then pain in this process. They grieved their loss but held onto hope and thankfully there are more segments for you to read!

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