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Our Adoption Story (Part 1 of 7)

Charissa, an adoptive parent, wrote this beautiful blog post outlining her family’s story to the finalized adoption of their sweet son, Jonah.

Part 1: The calling to adoption

“Throughout our adoption journey, I always found great comfort in talking to or hearing adoption stories.  So I want to put our story out there to encourage those walking the road of adoption.

Our adoption story began in January of 2013.  My husband and I, both 26 at the time had just found out month’s prior that we would be unable to conceive children naturally.  As devastating as this news was, we thought and prayed about what our next step would be, and although we haven’t completely ruled out going the fertility treatment route, we felt God’s calling of adoption on our life.  Looking back now, I recognize how important the calling to adoption is.  This process is long, hard, and complicated; the call we felt to adoption is what kept us moving forward.

Once we decided to move forward with adoption, we chose to use Adoption by Shepherds Care in Florida as our adoption agency.  From there we moved on to the home study.  We got all of our clearances (medical, police record checks, etc) and completed our home study in about three months.  We prepared our family profile and applied to the agency; thus started what I think is the hardest part of adoption: the wait.”

Do you remember when you decided upon adoption? 

Did you experience a calling?

What were your hopes and fears coming to this decision?

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