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Adoption Story: Gerald & Mary

Empty nesters Gerald and Mary first met Dayana at a Kidsave Summer Miracles pizza party during the summer of 2012.  According to Gerald, the 11 year old girl from Cucuta, Colombia “got into our hearts” right away, and they began the process to adopt her as soon as the program’s guidelines allowed.

Working diligently on their home study and dossier documents through ASC’s Colombia Program, Gerald and Mary submitted their paperwork to ICBF (the government authority overseeing adoptions in Colombia) and were granted a meeting date of June 6, 2013—exactly 11 months after the pizza party where it all began.

Their time in Colombia went smoothly (and quickly!), and this summer will mark two years since Gerald and Mary returned home with Dayana.  We are honored that after all this time has passed, they still remember the care and service they received from our agency.  Thanks, Gerald and Mary for letting us be a part of this chapter in your lives!

“Our experience with Adoption by Shepherd Care could not have been better! From our very first interview to our post-placement reports, we were managed with kindness and compassion by Claudia and Nidia.  We were prepared for up to 7 weeks in country and completed the process in less than 4 weeks. In country, Marta and Mauricio handled all of our concerns and needs expertly and with great care and attention!  They worked as a team using smart phones to capture and email images of documents moving quickly to the next steps almost instantaneously.  We cannot say thank you enough!”

– Gerald and Mary

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