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Domestic Adoption Home Study


As part of the home study process, a family may be required to complete an MMPI-II. In addition, a psychological evaluation administered by a licensed psychologist will be required if either member of the couple has previously been prescribed psychotropic drugs, is currently prescribed psychotropic drugs, has an arrest history, or if there has been any history of abuse or domestic violence in the family's history.

Adoption by Shepherd Care reserves the right to require an MMPI-II and psychological evaluation if, at any point in the home study process, the adoption caseworker deems it necessary. The family is required to pay for these fees to the psychologist in addition to and separate from the aAdoption by Shepherd Care home study fee.

We reserve the right to determine whether or not we will be able to proceed with your home study based on many factors. You will be required to submit information regarding prior arrests, regardless of whether the records have been sealed or expunged. The home study is valid for one year and must remain current through placement.

Following the consultation, a $1000 deposit is due to initiate the home study process. The remaining $500 plus mileage and travel time is due at the completion of the home study. Travel time for Domestic Adoptive Home Study, in excess of one hour, will be charged at the rate of 450 per hour.


For Adoption by Shepherd Care families, we complete updates as needed. With the submission of your Adoption Services Application, the payment of $1000 is due. The balance of mileage and travel time will be paid at the completion of the home study update. Travel time in excess of one hour will be charged at the rate of $50 per hour. Home Studies completed by another agency must be reviewed by Adoption by Shepherd Care in order to determine that it meets all requirements of Florida adoption law. If it does not, then a new home study might be required.

Domestic Home Study Addendum

This is required when your home study is still current, but your life circumstances have changed. E.g. job change, a move, a new person living in your home, an arrest, investigation, etc.



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