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Adoption Home Studies


Adoption laws require a home study for all non-relative placements. Adoption agencies, attorneys, judges, and state and foreign governments all rely upon home studies throughout the adoption process.

Adoption by Shepherd Care is a licensed agency with Masters-degree professionals performing home study services. Call us at 800-966-2060 or send a message for more information about the home study or court-ordered home inspection investigation study.

Home Study Process

A home study is really more like a Life Study. It's a  10-15 page report about who you are as a couple with a small part being about your actual home.

To build this report about your life, we meet with you in interviews and collect documents from you. So basically, a home study can be broken up into 2 parts: Paperwork and Interviews.

Home Study Documents

  • The first part of the paperwork is "Vital Statistics". This is paperwork like birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees and passports.
  • Next would be medical clearances from your doctor and perhaps a psychological evaluation.
  • Criminal clearances and Child Abuse registry clearances are another part of the report. Collecting these can be intimidating but we help you through it.
  • We ask that you get references from your friends, family and your employers.
  • We collect financial information that shows that you can support another person in your home.
  • Finally, we ask that you do some adoption and parenting education. This can be done by reading books or taking online classes.

Home Study Interviews

In the interviews, we get to know you and we educate you about the adoption process. We will meet together in a joint interview first to talk about how you came to adoption. This is a time for us learn more about you and for you to ask questions. There will be individual interviews where we talk about your childhood, what experiences have shaped your life, and your marriage relationship. Finally, we have another meeting with the two of you together to talk about what you have learned from your adoption education.

Home Visit

Finally, we meet at your house to visit your home. A lot of people worry about this part but it is not an inspection. We are just making sure it is a safe and suitable place for future children. And you don't have to have the child's room ready.

All of this information comes together to make a home study so you can see why it is really more a "Life Study".


If you are an adopting family residing in Florida, contact Adoption by Shepherd Care to request information and arrange a fast and efficient home study for domestic and international adoption.

Contact Us at 800-966-2060


Domestic Adoption Home Study or Court-Ordered Inspection Investigation

$1500 plus costs for additional clearances and travel expenses, if applicable.

International Adoption Home Study

$2250 plus costs for additional clearances and travel expenses, if applicable.

Post placement visit and report

$250-$350 each plus travel expenses, if applicable.



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