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Looking for the right adoption agency near Fort Myers can be difficult if you don't know where to go. Look no longer. At Adoption by Shepherd Care, we can help you with all of your adoption-related needs.
Adoption Agency in Fort Myers Florida
June 21, 2018
Adoption Agency in Deltona Florida
June 21, 2018

Adoption Agency in Palm Bay Florida

Looking for the right agency in Palm Bay Florida? At Adoption by Shepherd Care, we can help all members of the adoption triad...

Unplanned Pregnancy in Palm Bay Florida? Call us (800) 966-2060 or get our FREE adoption guide and planner.


Adoption is love. It is love that comes from the hearts of a mom and a dad. It is a mom and a dad seeking to love a child that is not from their blood. Where do you find children that you want to love? One way is to look by way of an adoption agency. But what is an adoption agency and where can I find the right adoption agency near Palm Bay, Florida? An adoption agency is a business or organization that is licensed by the state to find forever families for children who need a family. The adoption agency has important roles to play both for the child and the prospective parents. The agency is in charge of taking care of each child that comes through its doors, looking for a home. The agency must cater to the child’s needs whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or social. They must also cater towards his or her educational needs. They protect children from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Each adoption agency also works to reunite the children with their parents as soon as possible if that is in the best interest of the child.

However, an adoption agency also helps hopeful adoptive parents. They must ensure that the prospective parents have all the required documentation submitted and that they have a safe environment for the child to live in. They must also provide medical information about the child and advise the parents to get a medical assessment of the child soon after he or she is placed into the home. If the child has special needs, the adoption agency must also inform the parents of important information regarding the care of the child. Once all the requirements are completed, the agency provides post-adoption services to parents that include counseling the parents regarding the care and rearing of the child. An adoption agency also provides pre-adoption services for the parents to ensure they are ready to raise a child. They ensure that the couple is both emotionally ready and financially ready. In addition, adoption agencies also educate parents about explaining adoption to the child, helping a child who wants to find his or her biological roots, bonding and attachment with the child, and they address concerns about the child’s background.

There are many adoption agencies in Florida and around the United States. Near Palm Bay, Florida, you will find our adoption agency: Adoption by Shepherd Care (ASC). ASC provides services for both domestic and international adoptions. If you are pregnant, we can help you financially, medically, with transportation, housing, and counseling. If you are considering international adoption, we can help you navigate the ins and outs of immigration, help you with the correct paperwork, and provide post-adoption services that include counseling and support. If you are considering domestic adoption, we will assist you financially, help you with pre-arranged adoptions, and post-placement services.

So, you think you are ready to adopt? Visit our website to get started and obtain more information about our services. You may also contact us by phone at 800-966-2060 or 954-981-2060.

Adoption by Shepherd Care is located at the following address:

5935 Taft Street

Hollywood, Florida, 33021

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