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Job Opening – Birth Parent Counselor
May 29, 2018
Are you wondering where to find an adoption agency near Daytona Beach, Florida? Adoption by Shepherd Care could be the perfect fit for you.
Adoption Agency in Daytona Beach Florida
June 20, 2018

Adoption Agency in Hollywood Florida

Are you searching for the right adoption agency in Hollywood, Florida? Adoption by Shepherd Care is an incredible agency that can help any member of the adoption triad.

Unplanned Pregnancy in Hollywood Florida? Call us (800) 966-2060 or get our FREE adoption guide and planner.


When seeking an adoption agency in Hollywood, Florida, look towards Adoption by Shepherd Care (ASC). Our agency is built to help children find families, and for families to find children, and to give resources to expecting mothers looking for help and information. At Shepherd Care, we have options for U.S. adoption as well as international adoption, with our international adoptions specifically focused on Colombian adoption. Our agency offers a Summer Hosting program that is designed to give you a chance to house an older child in foster care, above the age of 10 years old. Ours is, more often than not, a very successful program that allows you to get to know the child and to see if adoption would be the right option for your family.

At ASC, we provide great resources for expecting mothers of unplanned pregnancies. We offer aid of all kinds in the following areas: financial, medical, transportation, housing, and counseling support. When you choose ASC to assist you in this part of your life, you are in good hands. We will take care of you and help you on your journey. You don’t have to do this alone.

“Choosing between parenting, adoption, and abortion can be very difficult. When we’re facing hard decisions, we often think that we will know what the right choice is because it will be easy or it will feel good. Many women start out thinking that adoption would be too hard, and then come to find that sometimes the hardest thing is the right thing, too.”

International adoption through ASC is ultimately a great experience. International adoption is a great option for many families, and ASC is proud to have a mature, ethically-sound adoption program in Colombia. We also provide Hague-accredited home study and post-adoption services, as well as immigration and dossier assistance to families adopting from any country.”

As you search for the adoption agency that will best fit your needs, please consider Adoption by Shepherd Care. Our agency and staff have been giving compassionate and qualified services to every member of the adoption triad since 1980. From hopeful adoptive parents to birth parents to children in search of a forever home, we will be here to assist you on your journey.

“We want you to know that when you sign up for one of our adoption programs, we don’t take it lightly. We will orient you, educate you, and spend time with you. We will know your names and your situation. We will take your calls, answer your questions, and be available. To us, you are not a case or a file—you are a person.”

Are you looking to make lasting relationships with your family, make a difference, and spread love to children in need, or need resources on your journey of unplanned pregnancy to provide the best for your child? Please do not hesitate any longer. You have found the right place. Contact Adoption by Shepherd Care today for more information regarding your questions. We’re here to answer them.

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