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Are you searching for the right adoption agency in Hollywood, Florida? Adoption by Shepherd Care is an incredible agency that can help any member of the adoption triad.
Adoption Agency in Hollywood Florida
June 20, 2018
Looking for the right adoption agency near Fort Myers can be difficult if you don't know where to go. Look no longer. At Adoption by Shepherd Care, we can help you with all of your adoption-related needs.
Adoption Agency in Fort Myers Florida
June 21, 2018

Adoption Agency in Daytona Beach Florida

Are you wondering where to find an adoption agency near Daytona Beach, Florida? Adoption by Shepherd Care could be the perfect fit for you.

Unplanned Pregnancy in Daytona Beach? Call us (800) 966-2060 or get our FREE adoption guide and planner.


“Every adoption starts with a birth mom.”This quote couldn’t be more true! An adoption does not succeed until a birth mom puts the needs of her unborn child before the needs of herself and creates an adoption plan. Adoption agencies are filled with people that are licensed (in their state of operation) to facilitate the process of adoption. Many, if not most, adoption agencies will work with both the adoptive families and the birth families to facilitate the adoption. Whether your an adoptive mom or a birth mom, let’s explore what an adoption agency can do for you.

Birth moms, are you pregnant and not sure where to turn? Are you looking for the right adoption agency near Daytona Beach, Florida? Adoption by Shepherd Care (ACS) is here for you. We offer several services to birth moms including financial assistance, medical care, transportation, housing, and counseling support. We will never make you feel pressured or unwanted but will make you feel like you matterthat this decision matters.

While making an adoption plan with ACS, we will be able to help you obtain financial assistance for pregnancy-related care such as housing, utility bills, medical care, maternity clothing, and groceries. We will also be able to assist you in making sure you are able to receive the medical care needed to see you through your pregnancy and also that you have the necessary transportation to those important medical appointments. In addition to these services, we can also assist you in obtaining safe and secure housing. Lastly, our agency provides great counseling services to you throughout your pregnancy.  You do not have to feel that you need to face this decision on your own. We are here to help guide you in the process of adoption.

Adoptive families, are you considering adoption for your family and do not know where to turn? ACS is there for you, too. We can help adoptive parents as you start the adoption process. We’ll help you with finances, marketing, prearranged adoptions, and even post-adoption resources to help continue the development of your adoption after it has been completed. We know that beginning the adoption process can seem daunting and overwhelming as adoptive parents. That is where ACS will be able to assist you in obtaining the proper paperwork whether or not you are adopting internationally or domestically.

As you are going through the adoption process, it can be hard to come to the roadblock of the expense adoptions can sometimes have. When you work with ACS, you will also be working with an adoption finance coach who will help you through the financial process of adoption. We will be there to see you through the adoption process, to take down those roadblocks, and to offer post-adoption resources for after the process is completed. Our main focus is to assist children and families to thrive, not just survive.

Choosing an adoption agency is a personal decision whether you are an adoptive parent or a birth parent. Let Adoption by Shepherd Care help you out today. If you feel ready to contact Adoption by Shepherd Care, please click here or contact us at: 800-966-2060. We can help.

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