As you are looking for the right adoption agency in or near Delray Beach, Florida, be sure to keep Adoption by Shepherd Care in mind. Since 1980, we have supported birth mothers...
Adoption Agency in Delray Beach Florida
June 28, 2018
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July 10, 2018

Adoption Agency in Boca Raton Florida

Looking for the right adoption agency in or near Boca Raton, Florida? Adoption by Shepherd Care is here to help you with all of your adoption-related questions and needs. We strive...

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While Boca Raton, Florida, boasts beautiful beaches and booming businesses, it is the adoption agencies that service this beautiful city that deserve the accolades. Adoption agencies not only help place children in loving homes, but also help birth parents navigate their adoption options and process. You will want to make sure you find the very best agency for your adoption journey. Let’s first answer some questions about what you should be looking for in an adoption agency that will make your adoption experience as seamless and comfortable as possible.

An Agency That Cares

While every adoption agency provides many of the same services, there are many differences in how agencies are structured and operated. While some operate as a business simply providing a service, a great agency will make sure that those involved feel cared for through the entire process. Adoptive parents and birth parents alike should feel comfortable and informed throughout their adoption journey. This may include the general adoption services provided, but should also include providing emotional support. A great agency will always listen, take into consideration the heightened emotion of all involved, and do their best to provide comfort in a time where emotions will run very deep. At Adoption by Shepherd Care (ASC), we go the extra mile to support every person and provide a service while keeping the value of people at the forefront of every action.

In It for the Long Haul

ASC provides services such as matching birth parents with adoptive parents, home studies, adoption education, etc. The services we provide to the people we serve do not end here. Above and beyond valuing each person, ASC will be there for you from the beginning of the adoption and be available to address any questions or concerns even after an adoption has been finalized. We also make ourselves available enough throughout the process that every party feels informed, up-to-date, and supported. Above all, we will be there for you throughout and after the adoption process has concluded.

A Competent and Compassionate Agency

The mission of Adoption by Shepherd Care outlines why we are a great agency, committed to families. This mission is outlined as one of our core principlesthe core of who we are. Our mission statement explains,

“At ASC, we strive to be compassionate and competent in all we do…

Compassionate. We are committed to expressing God’s love through the services we provide. We work with individuals and families of all faith backgrounds, but it is no secret that we are motivated by our Christian faith. We respect the dignity and confidentiality of each person and the sacredness of all human life. And we realize that everyone who comes to adoption brings with them some amount of pain and struggle, and we seek to work with everyone with great compassion and acceptance.

Competent. We believe that God is honored when we do our jobs well. We are not do-gooders who are just trying to bring more happiness to the world. We are professionals who are committed to providing quality services and staying abreast of all changes and developments in adoption policy and practice. When adoption law is complicated and corruption abounds, true competence and ethical standards are invaluable.”

We acknowledge that the adoption process is not always pleasant, and sometimes it can even be incredibly painful. ASC is here for you and your family, to help you sort through these emotions. With a dedication to compassion, we promise to treat each person with care and understanding. We understand that each situation is different and therefore take great care to address each adoption with competency and compassion based on the individual needs expressed.

Even above compassion, you will need to ensure that your agency is competent and can ensure your adoption will move forward without cutting any corners. We know adoption. We take care to make sure every aspect is completed in a matter that is both ethically and legally sound. We will go the extra mile every time to make sure every adoption is efficient while also ensuring proficiency and excellence when carrying out the legal processes necessary for finalization. Our services provide the assurance necessary for all to feel that the adoption process is being handled with care, knowledge, and a complete assurance of competence.

With many adoption services near Boca Raton, Florida, you will not find a more competent and compassionate agency than our staff here at Adoption by Shepherd Care. Whether you are seeking placement for your child or you are a hopeful adoptive parent, we are here to answer any questions and are ready to be your guide throughout your adoption journey. For more information, please contact us or call us at 800-966-2060.

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