Our Adoption Story (Part 3 of 7)
June 8, 2016
3 Ways You Can Help with Hosting (Part 2)
June 24, 2016

3 Ways You Can Help with Hosting (Part 1)

The first way you can help with our summer hosting program is to COME to one of our events!  If you live outside of Florida, check out Part 2 and Part 3 of this series to learn about ways you can help no matter where you live.

In just 16 days,  Angie, Cony, Duvan, Daniel, and Santiago will be arriving from Colombia for their two week visit to the United States.  As you know, our greatest hope is that during their stay they will cross paths with a family who wants to adopt them.  We would love for this summer trip to not only be a fun experience, but to truly change their lives for the best.

If you’re wondering how they will cross paths with people who might like to meet them, you’ve come to the right place.  Below you’ll find a calendar with all the events that are going on during their stay (if it’s hard to read, click or right click on it to save and view as a picture).

If you’re interested in adoption or would just like to meet these precious children, then you’re welcome to join us at any of the events.  Just fill out this quick RSVP and we’ll send you all the details of the event.

Thanks for your interest—we’re so excited about their arrival.  July 11 can’t get here fast enough!

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