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3 reasons why a backpack is the best thing you can buy today

There are tons of things asking for my money all the time.  How do I know ASC’s backpack fundraiser is a worthwhile cause?  Who exactly will my donation help, anyway?

That’s a great question.  It’s true that we are all constantly barraged by campaigns pulling on our heartstrings to donate to a variety of causes.  We want you to have the information you need to know that this is a cause that will use your hard-earned dollars wisely and well.

Here are some important things for you to know:

1. We did not think up a project sitting in our office here in America and decide it was perfect (from our American viewpoint) for orphans in Colombia. 

Instead, we have a close relationship with people who care for orphans in Colombia, and we talk to them to find out what their needs are.  In this case, an emergency shelter  in Colombia is constantly in need of things like school supplies, hygiene products, and warm bedding for the boys in its care.  So that’s exactly what we’re giving.

2. We have had a relationship with the woman who runs the emergency shelter for over six years, and we visit her every time we go to Colombia.

We have sponsored many initiatives at her shelter, and she knows that she can turn to us when she is in a bind reconciling the needs of the boys and her resources.  She calls us and tells us about how God has been providing for her, and she knows that we care about her work and pray for her.

Why does this matter?  Because it means that our donations aren’t just dropped off randomly and never followed up on.  These backpacks are part of a larger supportive relationship in which we are investing in this woman who is passionately caring for orphans.  By God’s grace, things like this could sustain her to carry on her work longer and with more fervor, benefitting even more orphans in Colombia.

3. These backpacks will excite, encourage, and equip orphaned boys who have very little to call their own.

Have you ever been to an orphanage?  Have you seen how these kids have a small item like plastic necklace expertly hidden beneath their mattress?  Possessions they can call their own are few and far between, and any gift that belongs only to them is prized and treasured.

So imagine the excitement when they receive a backpack bursting at the seams with things for them, the encouragement when they read the caring note that someone has written to them, and the way these supplies will equip them for receiving an education.

So all in all—will these backpacks fix the orphan crisis in the world?  No.  Will they heal the tragic brokenness in the lives of the boys who receive them?  Unfortunately, no.

But they WILL make the boys know that people care about them and believe in them.
They WILL encourage Patricia in her life’s work of caring for orphans.
And they WILL be an expression of God’s love and care for the fatherless.

Is that worth the price of two movie tickets?  ABSOLUTELY.   Just three days left, make your donation today!

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